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  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Drum Meme Monday

    Enjoy past posts from Spirit and Groove's Drum Meme Monday! You are free to repost, but be groovy and give us some credit with @spiritandgroove or #spiritandgroove.                                         View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/21/2017

    A lot of drummers like to focus on speed. Dream Theatre's Mike Mangini was crowned the world's fastest drummer in 2005 with 1,203 strokes in sixty-seconds.  In 2013, Tom Grosset broke that record with 1,208 strokes. That's ridiculous speed folks! Hop around Instagram for a day and you will find m... View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/14/2017

      On May 26th, 1967, the Beatle's released what would become one the most iconic albums in the history of music – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  On the tubs was Billy Shears, or by his real name Ringo Starr and this album would mark a drastic change in how creative the drummer could be ... View Post