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  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Drum Meme Monday

    Enjoy past posts from Spirit and Groove's Drum Meme Monday! You are free to repost, but be groovy and give us some credit with @spiritandgroove or #spiritandgroove.                                       View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 5/17/2017

    Grab a pair of sticks, a metronome, and your favorite drum buddy for this week's challenge.  We borrowed this game from Jared Falk, the owner of groovy online drum lesson forum Drumeo. The game requires you and your drum buddy to face each other. You set your metronome to 140 beats per minute and... View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 5/10/2017

    In this week's drummer challenge, we want you to unleash your inner Bonham.     Rolling Stone Magazine put it best, when they rated the top 100 drummers of all time writing. "On the very first cut of the very first Led Zeppelin LP, John Bonham changed rock drumming forever."    So much can be sai... View Post