Bernard Purdie – Groovy Groove Master

There are very few drummers who define groove as well as Bernard "Pretty" Purdie. This groovy drummer is known best for his work with icon Aretha Franklin. Take a listen to Chain of Fools and you will hear the infamous Purdie Shuffle in its infancy.  

Purdie is probably the most recorded drummer in history, performing alongside artists such as Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Hall and Oats, B.B. King, and (of course) Steely Dan among many others.  Check out his discography here.  

Whenever you watch Purdie on the kit, he seems to be having the time of his life. It is quite evident the groove has touched him.  Take a look at this lesson where he 'splains the Purdie Shuffle. He is just so happy to be behind the kit... a feeling all drummers should experience every-time they take the throne.  



This is a video of Purdie performing live.  His groove is so powerful that you can "feel" the song he is drumming along to in his head. Again, notice the pure enjoyment in his face. 

I encourage all drummers to learn as much as they can about Bernard. Visit his site at and feel the power of one of the grooviest drummers you will ever encounter. 

Bernard Purdie's #gotgroove  Do you? 

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