Gregg Bissonette – So Groovy, He Backs the Grooviest Drummer Alive!

Gregg Bissonette and Ringo Starr on Tour

Having just caught Ringo Starr and his All Star Band for their first 2017 tour performance in Seattle, I was sure my initial post would be about, well...Ringo.

Yes, Ringo posts shall come, but today.  I want to give a shout out to Ringo's drummer – Gregg Bissonette

If you ever have the chance to catch this killer tour. Do it. They've got Toto's Steve Lukather, Songwriting heavy-weight Todd Rundgren, Santana keyboardist Greg Rolie, and (of course) Ringo Starr.

It is Mr. Bissonette's job to drive this supergroup through THEIR songs including Rosanna, Hold the Line, Evil Ways, Kyrie, Africa, Oye como va, Yellow Submarine, and With a Little Help From My Friends. That, in-and-of itself, would be enough of a challenge, but Bissonette has to do it while playing set-by-set with a freakin' Beatle! It was awe-inspiring to watch Gregg walk this amazing line that few sidemen will ever experience. Driving the band all night while taking special care to give a musical God the space he deserves on the kit. Sure, it doesn't hurt that Ringo is a "for the song" type of drummer, but regardless. Gregg showed amazing restraint, control, and skill that I would argue few other drummers could handle in such iconic company.  

It is one thing to confidently control your own groove.  It is quite another to meld yours with that of one of the greatest names in music.  

Kudos Gregg Bissonette...YOU are one Groovy Drummer with Groove Power

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