Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 2/22/2017

This week's drummer challenge is all about focus and syncopation using one of drumming's best manuals – Ted Reed's Syncopation. This is one heck of way to earn your GROOVE Stripes™.  



The challenge is to play through Exercise 6, using a metronome to keep time. You need to run the entire lesson from start to finish without making a mistake. If you do make an error, you must finish the iteration you are on and start over.  Keep going until you get a perfect take.  

More advanced users can adjust the challenge by: (1) increasing the tempo, (2) using your weak hand only, (3) using your feet, (4) making the hits while swinging the time, or (5) some other practice invention you come up with.

If you don't have Reed's Syncopation, you can buy it right now from Amazon.* You can check out all the drum education materials we use and suggest by clicking here.  


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