Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 3/1/2017

This week's Groovy Drummer Challenge is a surefire way to warm up, build your chops, and earn your GROOVE Stripes™.  It is a quick workout that is easy to remember because it involves only three rudiments: (1) single stroke roll [ RLRL]; (2) five stroke roll [RRLLR  LLRRL]; (3) paradiddles [RLRR  LRLL] and the eighth note triplet [one triplet per beat].  




Tools you will need:


You will need a metronome, something to hit, and a timer (preferably with a repeating function).  





Set your metronome to...say...120 and perform each rudiment for one solid minute. To close out the warm-up (and possibly burn you), play eighth note triplets (e.g. one triplet per beat) with your left hand for one minute. Then, use your right hand exclusively for a second minute. 


If you have the time, increase your BPM by about ten and repeat.  Keep on going until you complete are completely gassed on one of these exercises. Start at that marking or slightly-below the next time you practice.  


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