Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 3/22/2017

For this week's Groovy Drummer Challenge we are going to test your independence, musicality, and speed with a groovy Afro Cuban rhythm...the Songo.  



This is such a challenging and fun groove, because three of your four limbs are not playing at the same time.  Check out the chart from Tommy Igoe's Groove Essentials, which gives you three options for the beat.  We suggest ALL drummers have a copy of Tommy's books.  You can grab them here


Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials Songo Sample


Have fun with the beat. Speed it up, slow it down, add some cool textures and make it your own. Then, videotape your Songo and share it on Instagram.  Tag @spiritandgroove and if you have the most likes for the month on our page (and are following us) could win a FREE DRUM TEE like our fun Groovy Cowbell and others.  



Looking for other great Afro-Cuban rhythms to learn, charts to read, and music to play along to? Check out our Drummer Education Materials for books and videos to help up your world-rhythm game.

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