Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 3/26/2017

This week's drummer challenge is simple...give us your best 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover groove.


If you don't know this tune, we weep for you here at Spirit and Groove. It is one the most iconic drum grooves ever recorded by one of our great drumming four-fathers....Steve Gadd. It first appeared in 1975 on Paul Simon's Still Crazy After All These Years, and you SHOULD own it.


We think EVERY drummer whom has attempted this groove has been fooled by its perceived simplicity at one point or another.  It is one of those tracks that when you play along to it. Your version just never feels right. 
This week we want you to give us your best Gadd and let's see how close you get. Videotape your take and share it on Instagram.  Tag @spiritandgroove and/or #spiritandgroove, so we can check it out.  If we dig it, we may repost to our community, and if you have the most likes for the month on our page (and are following us) could win a FREE DRUM TEE, like our GROOVE Stripes™ line, which pays homage to drummer's like Gadd and that military cadence to their grooves. 

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