Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 3/8/2017

Spirit and Groove Drummer Challenge Pillow Rudiments



This week's drum challenge is a unique way to get your chops practice in... an idea borrowed from Billy Cobham and one that will help you develop amazing stick control. It is a great way to work towards earning your GROOVE Stripes™.  


Tools you will need:

  1. A metronome
  2. A copy of the standard drum rudiments, which you can find here
  3. A watch
  4. A pillow (yup you read that right)
  5. A pair of heavier sticks (optional)


Now, pop a squat and run through each rudiment at a comfortable tempo (say 116) for one minute each using the pillow as your practice pad.  This will force you to create the bounce on your own without any rebound from the drum.  Trust us, after doing this exercise nightly for a few weeks. The next time you hit the kit with actual rebound...your speed will seemed to have magically improved. 


As always, share your Wednesday Drummer Challenges with us on Instagram by tagging @spiritandgroove on these videos or any other drum videos you want to share.  


If you are an educator with a book, video, online lessons, or following of students that wants to share your challenges (and a free shout out that we promote), hit us up to see how we can work together.

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