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Instagram Drum Tee Winners

  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    June 2017 Instagram Drum Tee Winner - Mike McLaren

    🥁🥁  DRUM ROLL 🥁🥁 Congratulations to  Mike McLaren for winning our June Drum Tee Contest @spiritandgroove on Instagram.    Mike laid down a ride-based groove that was the perfect mix of control and sloppiness. His drum video got the most likes for the month of June on the @spiritandgroove Ins... View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    May 2017 Instagram Drum Tee Winner - Mitch Stykalo

    🥁🥁  DRUM ROLL 🥁🥁 Congratulations to Mitch Stykalo for winning our May Drum Tee Contest @spiritandgroove on Instagram.     His tight, funky, open-handed groove got the most likes on our feed for May and he is awarded with any tee in our store at for FREE! *****If y... View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    April 2017 Instagram Drum Tee Winner - Sadarien Riles

    🥁🥁  DRUM ROLL 🥁🥁 Announcing our April #winadrumtee winner from our Instagram feed ... Sadarien Riles of Atlanta Drum Academy.    His groovy snare drum skills battling Bernard Smith got the most like for April and he gets any drummer tee from our store! Check out his vi... View Post