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Wednesday Drummer Challenge

  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/21/2017

    A lot of drummers like to focus on speed. Dream Theatre's Mike Mangini was crowned the world's fastest drummer in 2005 with 1,203 strokes in sixty-seconds.  In 2013, Tom Grosset broke that record with 1,208 strokes. That's ridiculous speed folks! Hop around Instagram for a day and you will find m... View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/14/2017

      On May 26th, 1967, the Beatle's released what would become one the most iconic albums in the history of music – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  On the tubs was Billy Shears, or by his real name Ringo Starr and this album would mark a drastic change in how creative the drummer could be ... View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/7/2017

    There's just something super groovy about playing New Orleans style music. Ahhh the swing, the march feel, and playing in-between the cracks all while staying loose and in charge of the beat.    That's why for this week's challenge we want you to give us your New Orlean's style beats. Jeremy i... View Post