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Wednesday Drummer Challenge

  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 7/12/2017

    This year, we lost ,as Questlove put it in a Rolling Stone interview, "The Funkiest Drummer of All Time" – Clyde Stubblefield. And if you have ever tried jamming along to any James Brown track. We think you would agree with the Roots man's statement.  Clyde gave us the beats to timeless funkaaaay... View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/28/2017

    We crafted our GROOVE Stripes™ line of drummer clothing to celebrate the groove that exists between drumming and the military. This week, we ask you to show us that drummers today still have the power to earn their GROOVE Stripes™.        As always, record your entry and share it with Spirit and ... View Post
  • | Jeremy Larochelle

    Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/21/2017

    A lot of drummers like to focus on speed. Dream Theatre's Mike Mangini was crowned the world's fastest drummer in 2005 with 1,203 strokes in sixty-seconds.  In 2013, Tom Grosset broke that record with 1,208 strokes. That's ridiculous speed folks! Hop around Instagram for a day and you will find m... View Post