Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 4/19/2017

For today's drummer challenge, we want you to swing, read, and hit some syncopated beats.  

You are going to need some sticks, a metronome,  drum set, and a copy of Ted Reed's Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer.  You have a copy of this book right?  (If you are a SERIOUS should). 



Pick an exercise from the book and set your metronome to a comfortable speed...say 120 BPM. Without breaking the swing, hit the syncopated notes on the top line. You can do this through accents on the kick, any drum, or cymbal. The goal is to avoid breaking the rhythm to make the hits.  If you miss... just keep going and try to catch up. If you get stuck, slow down the BPM on your metronome and count out loud. 

We suggest working through one exercise a few times, then gradually increasing the tempo as you become more comfortable with the notation.  This is exceptional material that many drummers use to prepare themselves to push a of the hardest gigs we think the modern drummer faces. 

Record your take and share clips from your video with Spirit and Groove on Instagram by tagging them with #spiritandgroove.  If we dig it, we may repost, and if you get the most likes for the month (and are following us). You could win any drum tee in our online store just like our Camo Drum Horns drummer's tee. 

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