Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 5/10/2017

In this week's drummer challenge, we want you to unleash your inner Bonham.  


Rolling Stone Magazine put it best, when they rated the top 100 drummers of all time writing. "On the very first cut of the very first Led Zeppelin LP, John Bonham changed rock drumming forever." 


So much can be said about Bonzo. They way he pulled and pushed time with bassist John Paul Jones. How he managed to swing the beat while rocking the hell out of it at the same time. And, of course, the numerous iconic drum parts he gave us from the drive behind Immigrant Song, to the unique syncopation of Misty Mountain Hop, and perhaps the greatest drum solo of all time – Moby Dick.  



For this week's challenge we want you to show us your Bonham.  Give us some Immigrant Song, lay down a little Misty Mountain Hop, or try your hands (literally) at a Moby Dick solo. Then, share clips from your Bonzo interpretations with Spirit and Groove on Instagram by tagging #spiritandgroove on your videos.  If we dig your cuts, we could repost and if your video gets the most likes for the month (and you are following us) you could win any tee from our store to show you've got Groove Power™ like Bonham!


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