Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 5/17/2017

Grab a pair of sticks, a metronome, and your favorite drum buddy for this week's challenge. 

We borrowed this game from Jared Falk, the owner of groovy online drum lesson forum Drumeo. The game requires you and your drum buddy to face each other. You set your metronome to 140 beats per minute and increase by five beats per minute for every six bars as you play through the following sticking patterns. 

  1. Single Stroke Roll (RLRL) 
  2. Double Stroke Roll (RRLL)
  3. Single Paradiddle (RLRRLRLL)


The goal is for you and your buddy to stay in-sync with each other. This will provide an awesome opportunity to gauge both of your techniques as you try to stay in-time and keep your sticks rebounding to the same height as theirs. Talk about a way to earn your GROOVE Stripes™ through focus and fun that you can share with us on Instagram





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