Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 5/3/2017

For this week's drummer challenge, we wanted to find a groovy warm-up and who better to lead the way than one of country music's top drummers – Rich Redmond.  We borrowed this video from our pals over at 180 Drums.

180 is a great resource to get better on the drums. They have hours of lessons from some of the planet's top drummers, so you can always get a fresh workout. We chose Rich's, because we dig his power, groove, and his in-depth knowledge of our instrument. Plus, he's just a fun guy to watch on the kit. 




So, give this warm-up a try and see if it elevates your game. If you have your own warm-ups, lessons, or drum work-outs you'd like to share. Send them over to us at  If we dig them, we may cast the spotlight on your drumming for our next Drummer Challenge Wednesday, because it takes all kinds of practice to earn your GROOVE Stripes™. 



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