Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 5/31/2017

Perhaps the greatest challenge for the drummer is pushing a big band. You've got to keep the beat for a variety of instruments that feel "time" differently. We have observed the following.

  1. Trumpets tend to sit on top of the beat. This is due to the brighter intonation of the instrument combined with its playability.  Fingers are faster than hands or arms, and shorter breath movements make them the Ferraris of the big-band world. 
  2. Trombones tend to sit behind the beat and it makes sense. They are a larger instrument that requires more air flow and body movements to play.
  3. Saxes tend to sit in the middle. Though sections can flow differently. Barry's tend to follow trombones while sopranos sway towards the trumpets.
If controlling these horses weren't enough for the drummer, we must also set-up section hits and breaks. Very few can do that without reading music. So, now we are keeping time for multiple needs, setting everyone up for their hits, reading music, and...SWINGING the hell out of the song. Talk about a DRUMMER challenge if there is one.  


Which is why this week we want you to grab a big-band play-along book, get to swinging, and show us your groove.  The above video was made possible with one of the toughest big-band play-alongs we found, Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Play-Along Series Vol. 2.  You can order your copy, among many others, via our education resource page by clicking here.  



Once you're done recording your big-band drumming challenge, share copies of your video with @spiritandgroove on Instagram by tagging them with #spiritandgroove. If we dig your video, we may repost. If that video gets the most likes for the month, and you are following us. You could win any drum tee from our store, just like the GROOVE Stripes™ drum t-shirt Jeremy is wearing. 




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