Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/14/2017


On May 26th, 1967, the Beatle's released what would become one the most iconic albums in the history of music – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

On the tubs was Billy Shears, or by his real name Ringo Starr and this album would mark a drastic change in how creative the drummer could be in popular music. Modern Drummer Magazine did an exceptional article titled On Ringo Starr - The Shock of the New, in a special edition to their publication this month. In it, drummers such as Jim Keltner, Steve Jordan, and Chad Smith among others talk about how that album, and Ringo's drumming on it, shaped their musical careers.

Many drummers give Ringo a hard time. Rumors that his parts were created by Paul and John, that he couldn't keep time, yada, yada, yada are commonplace in the drum world. However, the bottom line is this and we at Spirit and Groove™ stand firmly on it. Every drummer past, present, and future owes some of their spirit...and their groove to Mr. Starr.


So, for this week's Wednesday Drummer Challenge. We want to see and hear your best Ringo. Cover a Beatles tune and share it with the Spirit and Groove™ drum community by commenting the link to your YouTube video in our Wednesday Drummer Challenge Facebook post. You can even share your Ringo-esque drumming clips with us on Instagram. If your video is shared on our Instagram page, has the most likes for the month, and you are following us. You could win any drummer t-shirt from our store, just like our Got Groove?® classic tee. 




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