Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/21/2017

A lot of drummers like to focus on speed. Dream Theatre's Mike Mangini was crowned the world's fastest drummer in 2005 with 1,203 strokes in sixty-seconds.  In 2013, Tom Grosset broke that record with 1,208 strokes. That's ridiculous speed folks! Hop around Instagram for a day and you will find metal cats doing blast beats that sound like machine guns and Gospel drummers burning up the kit. Put quite simply, drummer's love speed.

Today, I was listening to the Modern Drummer Podcast and "time" was part of the discussion. One of the things one of the Mike's talked about was how difficult it is to play quarter notes at 40 bpm, which got me thinking of an idea for today's challenge.  

Give us your best drumbeat at 40 bpm or less. 

That's right. Slow that metronome waaaaayyyyy down and try to make it groove at 40 bpm.  You should also try to avoid "filling in the space" with fills, flourishes and extra hits. This challenge is all about feeling that space and developing your time. As you can see, after four tries. I still need to work on mine. 

Make sure you share your grooves with us by commenting the link to your YouTube video in our Wednesday Drummer Challenge Facebook post. You can even share your groovy slowness with us on Instagram. If your video is chosen to be shared on our page, has the most likes for the month, and you are following us. You could win any drummer t-shirt from our store, just like our Groove Power™ drummer's tee. 


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