Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 6/7/2017

There's just something super groovy about playing New Orleans style music. Ahhh the swing, the march feel, and playing in-between the cracks all while staying loose and in charge of the beat. 


That's why for this week's challenge we want you to give us your New Orlean's style beats. Jeremy is playing along with Groove 29 (New Orleans 2nd line) Fast from Tommy Igoe's Groove Essentials 1.0, which you can purchase here

Make sure you share your grooves with @spiritandgroove on Instagram by tagging your videos with #spiritandgroove. If we dig it, we may repost. If your video has the most likes for the month, and you are following us, you could get any tee from our store. Just like the black Groove Power™ Cowbell drumming t-shirt Jeremy is wearing in this video. 

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