Wednesday Drummer Challenge - 7/12/2017

This year, we lost ,as Questlove put it in a Rolling Stone interview, "The Funkiest Drummer of All Time" – Clyde Stubblefield. And if you have ever tried jamming along to any James Brown track. We think you would agree with the Roots man's statement. 

Clyde gave us the beats to timeless funkaaaay hits such as Cold Sweat, I Feel Good, and I Got the Feelin' among many other gems. He really changed the game with his twenty-second groove in The Funky Drummer where his consistent, repetitive, funky style would become both inspiration and samples for countless artists to follow. 



For this week's drummer challenge, we want you to give us your best...most...funky Clyde Stubblefield. Imagine what the funk master would do, lay down your track and share it with Spirit and Groove™ by commenting on this week's video link on Facebook or by sharing your clips with @spiritandgroove on Instagram by tagging your drum videos with #spiritandgroove. If we dig it, we may repost to our community. And if you are following us and get the most likes for the month, you win any drum tee from our store...just like our Groove Power™ line in black, because Groove Power was something Clyde possessed. 

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