Wednesday Drummer Challenge • 11/16/2016



Spirit and Groove Drummer Challenge

Each Wednesday, Spirit and Groove serves up a drumming challenge to test your skills and musicality.  

We encourage all drummers to give it a shot and share your videos on our Instagram page for a chance to win one of our groovy drummer tees.   


This week you are going to need a drum set and a copy of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. We have embedded it below. 


Leon Ndugu Chancler laid down the original beat for this tune. Many drummers overlook the power involved in its simplicity. This is why we are making this our first groovy challenge.

Your mission is to place this song on repeat and play through it ten times without stopping. You should focus on maintaining the same simple beat through each play-through without adding extra fills or frills or losing the time. It sounds easy, but trust us. It isn't.  

You will likely find that by the fifth run your mind will start to wander and you might catch yourself "breaking free" and playing what you want.

That is not the challenge. The challenge is to remain focused and consistent while staying in-time and keeping the groove alive.

By-the-way.  One of my teachers used to make us do this same exercise 25-50 times. Give that a shot.

Don't forget to share your trials with us on our Instagram page for a chance to win one of our groovy drummer tees.   

Good luck!


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