Drumming Education Materials

We KNOW these materials will help you earn your GROOVE Stripes™. Each product has been used by a member of our drumming team. Choose from drum books, drumming videos, and more. 


Drummer Education Books and Videos by Spirit and Groove
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Tommy Igoe's Groove Essentials
Both of these drum books are a MUST have for any drummer looking to develop their craft. Tommy offers an easy approach to develop your playing in numerous styles including rock, jazz, funk, and world rhythms such as cha-cha, merengue, salsa and more. Each package includes books with charts, which come in handy for drummers looking to enhance their reading chops or more-experienced cats seeking to up their sight-reading game. Also included, is a DVD of Igoe performing and educating you on each groove. 


Technique Books
To craft your GROOVE you must develop your drum technique. These books are exceptional materials that you can use time-and-time again to better your drumming. We also use many of these in our Wednesday Drummer Challenge Blog series, so you may want to pick them up now. 


Rudimental Technique and Analysis
While on a drumming sabbatical in 2007, Spirit and Groove's owner, Jeremy Larochelle developed Rudimental Technique and Analysis.  The book focuses on the rudiments and discipline over fancy devices, gimmicks, or even a drum set to develop the core components of time, technique, and independence necessary for the drummer to meet any playing situation and confidently drive the band.

Buy Drumming Education Book Rudimental Technique and Analysis


Books and Play-Alongs to Work On Your Reading
We are strong believers that learning to read and interpret drum charts will elevate your playing to new levels. Drummers whom can read also open up the door to more gig opportunities. These books/play-along combos are excellent resources to up your reading game and are regularly featured on our Wednesday Drummer Challenge Blog series.



Drum Videos (and other inspiration) to Up Your Spirit and Groove
Here are some videos, books, and other items that have helped inspire and educate us. Check them out!


Do you have an educational book that has been published? How about a suggestion for our list or  our Wednesday Drummer Challenge Blog series? We want to check it out, so contact us today.


Gear We Use
When you live in an apartment or condo, you need a quality quiet set-up. We currently use a Roland TD-11K electronic drum kit and find the response, sounds, and overall quality enough for recordings and daily practice without getting evicted. We have used this kit for the past five years without issue and monitor through a sturdy pair of noise cancelling headphones. We like Beats for their extra bass response, which gives us that "kick-in-the-but" we are used to from an acoustic kit.
In addition, we exclusively use DW pedals and Roc-n-soc thrones for our electric and acoustic kits.