The Spirit and Groove Story

Welcome to Spirit and Groove Drummer T-shirts, Drumming Clothes, and Other Groovy Items.


We are a company founded on drums, dance, and GROOVE! 


So, why not craft products where we mash all three together into a unique collection of drumming-inspired clothing. We’ve got drummer tee shirts that let the world know you lead the band, fun ladies tank tops that ask “got groove?”, and even shirts for drummers with military-inspiration. The one element ALL of our unique garments share is the word "groove", because to us, nothing is more important…nothing.




Spirit and Groove Drum Ts, Drummer Clothes, Drumming Hats, and Groovy Clothing 

So, why do we focus on that one word...GROOVE?


It all traces back to our groovy drumming founder.


 Spirit and Groove Drum T-shirt Founder Jeremy Larochelle


"My first private drum lesson at Berklee College of Music entailed my instructor teaching me how to dance. We never picked up a stick...we just danced. That lesson set in motion a core tenement to my entire playing career.


Always put the groove first.


The groove always supersedes everything else in music. Why? Because, the groove is more than technique, knowledge, or skill. The groove is that natural feeling that makes your entire body want to wiggle. It doesn't matter if you know how to play an instrument. When the groove gets inside you. It moves you.    


My drumming journey to find the GROOVE led me to some amazing experiences, including one on why my instrument is so special.


I was sitting in the lobby of a five star resort where I was performing and a little white haired gentleman plopped down beside me. He looked me up and down and stated “you aren’t a guest here.” He then asked me what I was doing on the property. I explained that I was the drummer in the show band.


 We instantly became great friends.


That tiny old man was the former ambassador to South Africa. He was a true world traveler and spoke countless languages including one he called knick knock…a clicking of the tongue and rhythmic noise used by tribesmen in the deep bush. For the next two hours, he taught me more about the heritage of my instrument than I would ever know.


… How it was the first instrument used by our species…because it resembles the heartbeat.


… How drumming was (and to some extent still is) used by many tribes instead of conventional language as the rhythmic patterns can be used to organize large groups and focus them on singular tasks for the benefit of the collective.


… And how, because of these things, many of his indigenous people revere the drummer more than any politician… any leader… any priest… because it is believed that the drummer is the only person that can speak to the Gods.


I wanted to create Spirit and Groove to celebrate the power of the drummer, the power of rhythm, and (most importantly) the power of the groove that lives inside each one of us...a collective spirit that ties all of us together in celebration of life."  


~ Jeremy Larochelle, Owner of Spirit and Groove, LLC



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